Different web hosting packages with HostGator coupon code

There are different web hosting packages for people to choose from and if you are just getting on to your first website, you need to know as much as you can about them so that you choose the one that is best for your needs. For example, the dedicated servers are very expensive   but the features that you enjoy are worth that price that you pay for them. You can have as much privacy and control as you want. The VPS comes in a close second, and it is the answer to many small and big business because it offers services close to the dedicated server.  The shared servers, including the shared VPS are very affordable for all people.

After you have identified the perfect web-hosting package for your needs, it is time to hunt for that discount and luckily, you will not have to look further than here. Here, we will bring you news of HostGator coupons that can help you save money because sometimes. It even carries a discount of up to 50%, 25%, 10% … you name it.

E-Commerce and VPS Hosting

You will eventually want a VPS hosting  provider when your online business grows large enough to surpass the limited resources offered by shared hosting plans.  When you are an e-retailer though, it may be a good idea to start out with VPS anyway.  This is because share hosting plans do not offer dedicated IP addresses where you can get what are called SSL Certificates.

SSL Certificates are the perfect way to assure customers that their personal information, including their credit card numbers, will be kept safe.  An SSL Certificate is simply a piece of software that encrypts all the information moving around the certificate holder’s website.  This means that information that is exchanged between the e-retailer and the consumer cannot be accidentally or intentionally overheard by a third party.

Shared IP addresses are great when you are not sharing sensitive information between parties.  The problems come in especially when a monetary transaction is to take place.  If consumers get prompted by their browsers that you do not have an SSL Certificate, most times they will leave.

Free WP Themes for Food Blogs

If you have a recipe blog that you want to make look like a recipe magazine, there are free WP themes  available. The Delicious Magazine theme is one of the newest available and is currently used by less than 100 other blogs.

This is an excellent way to customize your blog so that it matches your niche and will make your blog look more like a professional food magazine rather than a simple blog. The whole style will captivate your readers and will help you to clearly display what you are all about.

There are nine different color schemes so you will be able to make it match your own personal tastes or you will match the pictures of the food that you add on. You can also add an extra menu after your home menu to help with your organization too. You can customize the menus however you want and assign them anywhere.

You can have three columns on your homepage, which will give you the chance to organize your blog in a more professional form.

Where do you Control Windows Hosting Servers?

Windows servers are controlled externally by a connected computer which has the correct administrator privileges.

By accessing the Windows Server Center, or whatever control panel is in operation on the server, the client is able to operate, manage and edit his data which is held on the server. This means website can be edited directly on the server through this program (and with a Microsoft Office extension they can be edited in depth) or stored documents can be amended, removed or added.

Through having access to the Windows Server Center externally on a computer, if there is an issue with the Windows hosting  software or server, this can be handled externally and does not compromises the security or performance of your own computer. This means that data crashes or spikes and even major software behavior incidents on the server don’t directly affect your own operating system. If the server space needs to be formatted and have Windows OS reinstalled onto it, this is possible because you have connected to it independently.